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Zibo Extension Chi Plastic Products Co., Ltd

Zibo Extension Chi Plastic Products Co., Ltd. under the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation Zibo Torch Energy Co., Ltd., is the production of traction and start-type battery slot and other supporting plastic parts of the professional manufacturers, has more than 60 years of production history The With the continuous advance of the level of modernization and the rapid development of injection molding industry, the company followed the pace of the market, constantly updated equipment and molds, production capacity has been greatly improved. Zibo Extension Chi Plastic Products Co., Ltd. to implement a comprehensive quality management, from raw material procurement to product manufacturers are strict implementation of quality control standards. Customer satisfaction is our responsibility, and customers to maintain long-term mutually beneficial cooperation is our pursuit. In the continuous improvement of product quality and after-sales service at the same time, our enterprises themselves pay attention to their own quality requirements, and always adhere to the "people-oriented, quality of survival, to the credibility of development; adhere to independence, quality Founding, brand Societe Generale" development strategy, To use the actual work to go. Through years of efforts, the company has won the relevant state departments and leaders of the strong recognition and support. At the same time in the 'development of innovation, practical and durable, reduce costs and improve quality, for the sake of customers'' under the guidance of research and development, our products are always in the industry leading level. First-class production equipment, first-class technical strength, first-class quality, first-class service, so that our company has become a lot of companies at home and abroad the most trusted partner.