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Zibo torch mechanical and electrical equipment limited liability company

Zibo Torch Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Group Zibo Torch Energy Co., Ltd. (formerly Zibo Battery Factory), is a collection of battery-specific production equipment, charge and discharge equipment, tooling mold manufacturing and nuclear shielding products in one of the modern state Owned enterprises.

The company has always maintained the true nature of military enterprises to strict business management, strict production control and sound management system dedicated to the battery-specific production equipment, charge and discharge equipment, tooling die and nuclear power shielding products developed to meet customers to create high-end products The demand. Always adhere to the standardization of production processes, quality control system, staff management system, has passed the military quality system certification, IS09001 quality system certification, environmental management and occupational safety and health management dual system certification.

Quality from the strength, technology cast brilliant. With high-quality products and quick and thoughtful service, our products in the country has covered more than 20 provinces and autonomous regions, while exports to Bangladesh, India and other countries. Won the Japan GS, India Venus, India Base, Wuxi Jieshi, Jiangsu Leoch, Henan Yuguang, Hubei camel, Zhejiang Nandu, Zhejiang days to, Zhuhai accurate, Shenzhen, a power, Huainan Jinda Li, Huainan tyrants, Hunan stars, Shandong Shengyang, Laizhou Huaru, Longkou batteries, and other well-known domestic and foreign enterprises of the widely praised the battery.

Wide sea diving, sky high the birds to fly. In the face of new opportunities and challenges, we will use higher quality products, more sincere service to meet the higher requirements of customers, we will continue to use sweat and wisdom to write new glories, to build China's industrial power equipment in the field of first-class enterprises Head of forge ahead.


Nuclear shielding products

Nuclear shielding products

Extrusion system

One-piece monolithic

Genuine grid die casting machine

Positive plate automatic production line

Automatic acid cycle battery into the system

Automatic acid cycle battery into the system