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GB series D-250 lead-acid batteries for traction

GB series D-250 lead-acid batteries for traction


"Torch" brand traction lead-acid batteries, after more than half a century of unremitting efforts and development, can now develop and produce international common type, explosion-proof special type of two types; PzS series, DB series, D series

Three series of more than 100 specifications of the "torch" brand traction lead-acid batteries, products can be used as forklifts, van, underground mine locomotives, subway tunnels and other equipment, DC power supply, widely used in warehousing, logistics, Engineering, coal mines, mining, environmental cleaning and other fields.

Zibo Torch Energy Co., Ltd. has been selected as the only excellent supplier of battery products by the Industrial Vehicle Industry Association of China. It is also the best supplier of battery products. At the same time, it holds the joint venture, Hangzhou fork, Long workers, Taiwan Lai Fu, Bao _, Zhong Li, Ningbo Li Da, JAC , Such as the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, The company will strictly implement the "product excellence, the pursuit of perfect service, the process of strict control, the system continued to improve" the quality policy, to provide users with the best quality products, to become China's strongest power supply suppliers.



Rated Capacity(Ah、5hr) Maximum dimensions(mm)

Reference quality(kg)With liquid

L W H Total height
D-250 250 204 130 298 329 17.9
D-300 250 204 19.6
D-400BS 400 141 158 384 415 24.5
D-450S 450 157 393 424 27.4
D-480R 480 141 434 465 28.3
D-600B 600 173 35.4
*D-990 990 165 720 737 57.1
*D-1210 1210 222 75.5
●D-330 330 136 180 401 432 22.9
●D-395 330 136 25.0
●D-440 440 174 30.7
●D-515 515 174 32.7

Note: GB series of electrolyte density p = (1.290 ± 0.005) g / cm³ (30 ℃). All of the above products can use the float type liquid cover, the float height h = 75mm. "" The products are four poles.


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