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Strategic cooperation! Tianze successfully signed a contract with Guosheng Technology
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Strategic cooperation! Tianze successfully signed a contract with Guosheng Technology

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On November 3, the strategic cooperation signing ceremony between Weifang Tianze New Energy Co., Ltd. and Shandong Guosheng Battery Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully held. Cai Zhongfang, deputy general manager of Torch Energy, Meng Meng, general manager of Guosheng Technology, and Jiang Ming, vice chairman of Weifang Economic Development Zone Urban Investment Company, attended the signing ceremony and delivered speeches.

Signing agreement between representatives of both parties

   At the signing ceremony, Cheng Aimin, general manager of Tianze Company, delivered a welcome speech and signed a contract with Meng Meng, general manager of Guosheng Company, on behalf of both parties.

Cai Zhongfang expressed his gratitude to the Weifang Economic Development Zone Management Committee for its support over the years, and congratulated Tianze Company and Guosheng Technology for their strategic cooperation. He pointed out that Torch Energy has always attached great importance to and supported the development of Tianze Company. Through unremitting efforts, Tianze Company’s business operations have continued to improve in recent years. He hopes that both parties will take this opportunity to continuously expand development space and create new development opportunities. Achieve win-win cooperation.
Meng Meng expressed his appreciation for the business philosophy and brand advantages of Torch Energy and Tianze, and hoped that through this cooperation, they would give full play to the characteristics and strengths of the two parties, achieve complementary advantages, promote the improvement of industry competitiveness and market share, and gain in the new energy industry Excellent results.
Jiang Ming said that Tianze, as a key supporting enterprise in the park, has taken various measures to overcome difficulties in recent years with the strong support of Torch Energy. The business conditions of the company are improving year by year. He hopes that Tianze will continue to deepen and strengthen multi-party cooperation and promote Tianze's development reached a new level.
   Relevant personnel from Shandong Guosheng Battery Technology Co., Ltd., Weifang Tianze New Energy Co., Ltd., Weifang Economic Development Zone Industrial Park and other units attended the signing ceremony.
   Guosheng Technology is a key project enterprise for the conversion of new and old kinetic energy in Shandong Province. Its core business is 5G, "Internet + travel" and other emerging industries supporting lithium battery products, focusing on the R&D and production of lithium battery PACK products.
   Tianze Company is a high-tech enterprise, specializing in the research and production of lithium-ion batteries for more than 10 years. Its core product is lithium-ion batteries for power tools. It has established long-term cooperative relationships with many well-known power tool companies.
   Tianze Company and Guosheng Technology are highly complementary in business, and have maintained a friendly and stable cooperative relationship since the beginning of business contacts. The signing of this strategic cooperation agreement will play a positive role in further consolidating and deepening the cooperative relationship between the two parties and jointly expanding the market.