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Hebei strengthens battery pollution prevention and control
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Hebei strengthens battery pollution prevention and control

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In order to further strengthen the prevention and control of heavy metal pollution, Hebei Province has proposed to implement five major projects.

Publish corporate information, accept social supervision

Hebei Province has continuously increased the investigation and supervision of lead storage battery enterprises, and recently announced the bottoming of the production, assembly and recycling (recycled lead) enterprises of 105 lead storage batteries in the province. Among them, only 15 companies that are up to standard are in production. Except for one company under construction, the rest of the enterprises were shut down due to the lack of environmental protection indicators such as clean production, and they were suspended or rectified.

"In order to strengthen the prevention and control of heavy metal pollution such as lead, Hebei Province regards the rectification of lead storage battery enterprises as the primary task of this year's environmental protection special action, and regards lead storage battery manufacturers as the top priority of inspection, and resolutely achieves 'six uniforms'." Zhao Genxi, director of the Hebei Provincial Environmental Law Enforcement Supervision Bureau, said.

Zhao Genxi said that lead batteries that are not up to standard are highly polluted, difficult to degrade, and cause secondary pollution when decomposed. The lithium battery has a long life, high safety, and is clean and environmentally friendly. The suspension of production and rectification of some lead battery companies will be an opportunity for the electric vehicle industry to adjust its structure and upgrade its technology.

Identify key projects, define prevention and control areas

Hebei Province has identified 111 heavy metal pollution control projects with a total investment demand of 849 million yuan. Among them, 37 comprehensive rectification projects, investment of 517 million yuan; 13 clean production projects, investment of 144 million yuan; 21 exit-type projects; 40 capacity-building projects, with an investment of 188 million yuan.

At the same time, Hebei Province has also identified six key prevention and control areas, including four national key prevention and control areas, namely Xinji City, Wuji County, Anxin County and Xushui County; two provincial key prevention and control areas, respectively It is Qingyuan County and Jixian County. 149 enterprises in the key prevention and control areas have become key prevention and control enterprises.

Hebei Province proposed that by 2015, the structure of heavy metal industry in Hebei Province will be further optimized, the production of heavy metal pollutants and emission intensity will be significantly reduced, the environmental monitoring capability of heavy metals will be significantly improved, and the problem of heavy metal pollution that endangers people's health will be basically controlled.

Implementing five major projects, strengthening comprehensive management

In order to ensure the continuous prevention and control of heavy metal pollution such as lead, Hebei Province proposed to implement five major projects.

Strengthen the comprehensive management of heavy metals. The provincial and municipal governments will define the key polluting enterprises in their respective jurisdictions, determine key planning units for heavy metal pollution, concentration areas with heavy metal pollution risks, and areas with severe deterioration of environmental quality. Conduct environmental pollution assessment and environmental impact assessment of the site of heavy metal pollutant discharge enterprises and surrounding areas. For heavy metal pollutant discharge enterprises that do not comply with environmental laws and regulations and related policies, they shall not pass the listing environmental protection verification. For companies that have already been listed, a post-inspector is organized every three years.

Optimize the industrial structure and strengthen prevention and control of key industries. Adhere to the “equal replacement” or “reduction and replacement” of new capacity and eliminated production capacity, and prohibit new, modified and expanded projects to increase the emission of heavy metal pollutants in key prevention and control areas. It is forbidden to provide land for construction projects with poor production capacity and overcapacity in the heavy metals industry. For areas with excessive environmental quality of heavy metals, regional restrictions are imposed.

Strengthen the comprehensive management of heavy metals. All localities should establish and improve the system for rectification and supervision of heavy metal pollution problems within a time limit. All key prevention and control areas must complete heavy metal pollution remediation by 2015. Implement deep governance to increase pollutant discharge standards in key river basins, regions, and sea areas. Closely shut down a group of heavily polluting enterprises that lack pollution control facilities and cannot meet the standards.

Strengthen the capacity building of environmental supervision. Inspectors will be set up in key polluting enterprises; all heavy metal pollutant discharge enterprises should gradually install online monitoring systems and network with environmental protection departments. Supervised monitoring is carried out every two months, with 3 irregular samplings per year.

Strengthen product safety management. Conduct farmland (cultivated land) soil, heavy soil pollution survey of soil around large and medium-sized cities, and conduct small-scale encryption survey of major agricultural products. Establish a safety archive of agricultural products production areas, establish a risk assessment and early warning system for heavy metal pollution in agricultural production areas, and implement safety grade management of agricultural products.